Blab is dead…long live Blab.

As stated by CEO of Blab, Shaan Puri on Medium yesterday:

“Today is the last day of Blab. We’re shutting down the website and app, and focusing 100% on our new project.”

Now when you visit the website you’ll see the following message:


It makes you wonder what went wrong when the application saw such huge growth after it was launched in April 2015. Users weren’t the problem, it grew from 0 users to → 3.9 million users in less than 1 year.

It seems that it’s tough to keep churning out entertaining live broadcasts. Less than 10% of all the users returned on a regular basis. And, even though life was a party on Blab, even parties can get old.

Friends were made and celebrities popped in all over the globe, but that didn’t always create great content that could be replayed or repurposed. It became a place to hangout, rather than a place to make and share compelling content.

Where Blab will go next is unclear, but the team is apparently already working on the next evolution of Blab, as indicated with this statement:

Instead of broadcasting, we’re building an ‘always on’ place where you go to hang with your friends.

It’s bye for now for Blab, but we look forward to seeing what form it takes when it returns.



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