4 Awesome Body Weight Workouts for Anyone, Anywhere

Lately I’ve been obsessed with training routines that use your body weight, rather than free weights like dumbbells or machine weights. If you can’t get to a fitness club for whatever reason, this is a great way to still stay in shape at home or in your local park.

Better still, you can use your body weight for good, put those kilos to work! As a busy single mum, it means I can exercise in between packing a lunch and getting the munchkin ready for school, or at the end of day while the little one’s having a snack. Kids can act as extra weight too, when they’re not giggling at mum!

Here’s a selection of my favourite workouts to get you started. Mix them up so you don’t get bored.

#LJNoLimits Body Weight Workouts

Two quick and simple workouts to target your arms and your booty to keep you moving anywhere, anytime from the Move Nourish Believe Team at Lorna Jane.


8 Body Weight Moves to Burn Fat

Let your inner animal out with this new body weight workout, Equinox’s Animal Flow. With names like the scorpion reach, static beast and the traveling ape, the workouts mimic the way animals move — and it’s not easy.

Torch calories with this fat burning workout on Oxygen Magazine.


25 Body Weight Exercises You Need to Be Doing

A study from earlier this year has shown that strength training burns roughly twice as many calories per minute as previously thought, so these effective no-equipment moves need to be part of your strength-training routine.

Jump into the routines from PopSugar.


Shape, Lift & Firm Brazilian Butt At Home Workout

And because we’re all looking to achieve that firm and shapely butt, here’s my personal favourite 30 minute workout to tone, strengthen and sculpt glutes and thighs.

I’m following this workout right now! (I’ll blog the results). It even comes with a music playlist, from the folks at SPOTEBI, all about at home routines for women.


When you try any of these routines, let me know about your progress. Go get ’em! #girlpower 💪


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