How To Catch Content Stars Using the Pocket App


save to pinterest

Every time I save something to Pocket, I’m reminded of one of my favourite childhood songs, “Catch A Falling Star” by Perry Como. My Grandma Ruby would play it on her old record player (yes vinyl) and we had the actions down and everything. The memory always makes me smile.

And I’m still smiling today when I see an interesting article on the web that I want to Read Later, because I can very simply add it to the Pocket app. Did you know Pocket was originally called the “Read Later” app? Makes sense.

Once you have the Pocket browser extension installed, you can use the Pocket icon on your bookmarks toolbar to save articles. Alternatively, you can right click on a link for an article on any page and select the Save to Pocket option. It’s that simple.

When you save a page, there’s a prompt to Add Tags to help categorise pages, eg: Marketing, Tech, Social Media. It’s optional, but very useful. I like to use a #BlogIdeas tag to remind me later of content that sparked an idea for writing my own blog post.


The option to “View List” is also available from the Pocket icon and that will display all your saved pages. From here you can use the menu to Archive or Delete Pages and choose to display pages via Tags you added earlier.


One feature I love about the Pocket app is the inclusion of “Recommended” pages based on what you have saved. If a recommendation is no good for you, it can be hidden. Otherwise, you can Save a recommendation into your Pocket list.


This really is a time-saver, as content is coming to you based on your preferences, rather than having to find it for yourself.

I think the Pocket app is worth considering if you are frustrated with unending bookmarks and notes to yourself about good sources of content. It’s certainly a much better way of catching your content stars. ✨✨

If you are using it already, what do you like about the Pocket app?



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