Good Reads

Articles, stories and snippets from my favourite authors to draw inspiration from.

Good Reads: No. 2 - Today’s read is from one of my favourite business books, “Think To Win” (TTW). I often look to this book for inspiration when I’m embarking on a new project or generally needing some guidance in strategic thinking and planning. The principles contained within the book can be applied both in business and in life, so … Continue reading Good Reads: No. 2
10 Must-Read Social Media Marketing Books - A great social media manager needs a wide variety of skills, apart from the technical knowledge to carry out the ‘social media managing’. Relationship building, connecting with the right influencers, creating bankable assets, capturing and keeping readers’ attention are just a few from the long list of other ingredients that go into effective social media … Continue reading 10 Must-Read Social Media Marketing Books
Good Reads: No. 1 - I’m excited to start this “Good Reads” series of posts on my blog today! Expect to see snippets from books/articles/stories I’m currently reading and where I draw my inspiration from for my own writing. Topics will cover living mindfully, finding your voice, creating positive change, attracting the right people into your life and everything in … Continue reading Good Reads: No. 1