Who is Miss Nicolina?

4Jul2016Nicolina Wroblewski, otherwise known as ‘Miss Nicolina’, is a Business Entrepreneur living on the East Coast of Australia. She is a digital marketing and social media strategist and also runs her own beauty business.

In October 2015, Nicolina was accepted into the Hootsuite professional community as an Ambassador for the Asia-Pacific Region.

Her main goal is to simplify social media for business owners and is dedicated to helping them maximise results from their online marketing efforts.

A bit more about me

I’m a Mommy first, who loves keeping active and healthy with my little man in this beautiful place I like to call ‘Aussie Land’.

You may be wondering why I use Miss Nicolina… did you notice my last name? I was one of those kids who grew up forever spelling out my whole name and knowing that when a teacher was struggling with a name in roll-call, it was mine. I would have used Nicolina if I could across social or just ‘Nic’ but they were taken, so Miss Nicolina it is.

My background in the Information Technology industry for over 20 years has provided a great foundation for my current work and yes, I have become completely obsessed with social media. I have to resist writing everything in #hashtags.

I’m amazed by the rate at which technology is moving and how the next generation is taking on the digital world. My 6 year old has been using Apple devices and apps for several years already and they form a regular part of his schooling.

Consumers are online and business needs to meet that demand and preference for communication. Take out business and there is still a need to keep up with technology if you are a parent or educator helping children to learn while staying safe.

My point here, is that if you aren’t using social media already, you should be! — and I can help you with that transition.

Where you can find me

I thoroughly enjoy contributing to online discussions and encouraging community engagement, both online and as a guest speaker. You will often find me in a Twitter chat or live broadcast in the wee hours of the morning, with a big smile and coffee in hand, possibly in pajamas!

My other passion is inspiring others to #DreamBig and enjoy life to the full. I feel truly blessed to be part of a large network of fabulous people all over the world who are working on common goals through the use of social media.

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Links to all my other social media channels are on this site. Please do connect, it might just be the start of a wonderful new opportunity!

“Every so often people come into your life, who you just know will have a profound impact on your life.”